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Kurosaki Clinic

Bleach Fanworks

Bleach Fanwork Community
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kurosaki_clinic is a fanwork community for BLEACH, mostly of the fanart and fanfic variety. Anything else that can fit in another community should be kept there: i.e. icons go to bleach_icons, music/playlists goes to bleach_music, and cosplay goes to bleach_cosplay, for examples.

If you have something that doesn't fit in another comm--like colorbars or layouts, they can be permitted here.

  • Use an lj-cut when posting a fic and/or large artwork.

    • Outside links are fine.

  • Please put spoiler notes before the lj cut if there are any major spoilers contained in the fanwork.
  • Do not post any works, fiction, art, or media that are not yours. If you have permission to post someone's media, art or fic, post a link to the work, and provide the creator's name.

  • Please post in moderation. The comm is widely watched by many people, so if you do multiple fanworks in less than a week, please post batch-links instead of making a post everytime you finish something

  • Critiques and comments are useful, but flaming is just mean. Don't attack anyone and/or his/her ability.

  • Challenges are often posted by mods, but anyone is welcome to throw one out. Just ensure that the rules and the time allowed are clearly stated in your post.

It isn't necessary to post author/artist notes or summary information if you don't want to, but please do so if you'd like.

For example:

Title: Let's Have Lunch
Genre: Humor
Characters: IchigoxRukia, Kon
Spoilers: Book 4
Summary: Ichigo takes Rukia out for lunch; Kon comes along for the free food.

Firstly, images you post must be your own. Please post all large images under lj cuts, post links and/or use thumbnails for the sake of avoiding clutter and slow loading times. Multiples images in one post is fine. There is no standard for what is good, so long as you are either 1) proud of your work or 2) you made an effort, feel free to share.

If you would like to have your work included in the fanworks section at Rockin' Future 7, s_s's and k_c's archive site, please say so.

Kurosaki Clinic has four sister communites:
soul_society: main info community
bleach_icons: the icon community
bleach_fact: the fandom's Q&A
rukongai_report: a weekly fandom digest

Other Bleach-related comms:
bleach_music: Bleach and music, babe
bleach_cosplay: real life peeps dressing up
bleach_theatre: all your BLEACH RP needs
bleachhedonism: fic comm specializing in Bleach pairings, sexily

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