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Fic: Linger; Orihime/Rukia - Kurosaki Clinic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Fic: Linger; Orihime/Rukia [Jun. 4th, 2014|04:15 pm]
Bleach Fanwork Community


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Title: Linger
Pairing: Rukia/Orihime
Words: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Orihime's underwater dream.
Notes: Originally written for femslash100

Orihime's dream is not only strange, but surreal. A paradox she later realizes.

The water is dark and cold. It has an odd, smooth texture, as if it were hair slipping through her fingers.

She continues to fall....and then Rukia is there, too. Falling with her, her body glowing, like a star.

Orihime is scared. But Rukia is smiling, as if there is nothing to be scared of at all.

That's when Orihime realizes she isn't drowning at all. Doesn't feel water filling up her lungs.

Rukia's hand touches her own, but it doesn't feel cold or warm. As if she wasn't really there. Or worse, she was a ghost--

She wakes with a start, her large bosom heaving, out of breath.